Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trying to keep up with everything

So, since the Mitchell Report bombshell was dropped on major league baseball, several major things happened.

Apparently Andy Pettitte wasn't actually taking steroids to gain a competitive advantage and was using them to come back from an injury. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Andy. Both you and your man-wife Clemens cheated, and that's the way it is. It tarnishes your legacy and it's irreversible. I hope you're happy with your rings, cheaters.

Dan Haren got traded to the Diamondbacks for half of their farm system, which I don't think was a very good trade on the part of the Diamondbacks. Haren has only had one good season, which wasn't even that good. He regressed in the second half of the season, posting a 4.15 ERA after the All-Star break. He might be great for the D-backs and all of this will be a non-issue, but the D-backs had to trade Brett Anderson to get Haren, which is a hefty price. Anderson is a young lefty (he'll turn 20 in early 2008) with good stuff and great control. His fastball has good sink on it, and he projects as a #2 type of pitcher...possibly in the Andy Pettitte mold (except without the juice).

The D-backs then turned around and traded 2007 NL saves leader Jose Valverde to Houston for Chad Qualls, Chris Burke, and a prospect. I don't see the point in this trade either, other than the "buy low, sell high" mentality. Well, at least the D-backs are making moves, unlike our Mets.

WFAN reported that there was no truth to the rumor that the Mets were close to getting Santana. Apparently, Jose Reyes has had to be part of the package from the get-go, they say. When Omar and Bill Smith (Twins GM) couldn't work something out, Omar told him, "We're not trading Reyes in any deal for Santana, call me back when you come up with a different proposal." Omar hopes the price on Santana will come down by January. I don't believe too much of this report, because the Mets definitely have the pieces to get this done without including Reyes. I also believe that since Mike and the Mad Dog were the ones that broke this story, there was significant anti-Mets bias in it. So, we'll see.

The Mets are also supposedly talking to Mark Prior about signing a short-term contract (one or two years) and he figures to sign a deal worth anywhere between 5 and 10 million per year. If the Mets can't land Santana or Bedard, Prior would be a great "fallback" option as far as I'm concerned.

Cliff Floyd signed with the Rays for 1 year, 3 million.


Thomas said...

oh please. don't act like clemens and pettitte were the only cheaters.

Ben said...

They were certainly the most noteworthy names to come out in the Mitchell report. Everyone expected Bonds, most expected Tejada. Don't ignore the fact that they got caught and the others haven't been yet. This was a two-year investigation, I think they probably did it as thoroughly as they could.


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