Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Update: End of Day 2 of winter meetings

I promised that I would update everyone on the goings on of the winter meetings, so before I head to bed, that's what I'm going to do.

I posted a detailed analysis of the clear-cut "deal of the day" and possibly "deal of the meetings" which sent Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis packing and bound for the Motor City. Other than that, the day was largely filled with rumors (some substantial, and some not). I will recap all of the less-than-headline-worthy deals before I discuss the rumors.

The biggest signing of the day was the Royals signing troubled outfielder Jose Guillen to a ridiculous contract (3 years and 36 million dollars? Are they insane?). Guillen has one season with more than 30 HR, one season with more than 100 RBI, and one season where he hit over .300. I realize that the Royals are trying to get back into contention, but it does not make much sense to sign someone like Guillen for that much money. Throw that contract at Fukudome or someone who hasn't proven himself to be a total headcase.

The Braves made a minor trade, sending Jose Ascanio to the Cubs for pitcher Will Ohman and infielder Omar Infante. Yawn.

The Tigers and Rockies also made a little trade today too. The Rockies acquired Jose Capellan from the Tigers for pitcher Denny Bautista. Bigger yawn.

Time for the rumor mill...

The Red Sox and Twins deal for Johan Santana is moving slower than I thought it was going to, and that's probably so the Twins can see if they can squeeze anymore out of the Red Sox or have a team like the Dodgers or Angels jump in and throw the farm at them. I'm thinking it should be done by late tomorrow but definitely by the end of the week if it's going to happen at all.

The Mets made another offer to the Orioles for Bedard, but it was the same offer as the first time (Gomez, Heilman, Humber). I guess the Mets were hoping the O's would have second thoughts on the deal. Now apparently the Mets are talking about subbing Pelfrey into the deal instead of Humber. That might get the deal done, and seems fair on both sides of the coin. Anything more than that and the Mets would be overpaying for Bedard, especially with how high some scouts are on Gomez.

In more recent news (within the last six hours of posting this or so) the Mets are reportedly inquiring about the availability of A.J. Burnett of the Blue Jays. He would be much less costly than Bedard but would be a big-time injury risk. We'll see how that boils down. The Mets are also talking to Livan Hernandez, who will probably be their fall-back plan if the Bedard deal falls through.

Around the league: The Scott Rolen to the Brewers rumors are cooling off...Shawn Green might retire if he can't find a good fit this winter, but might end up with the Rays (I still want to call them the Devil Rays, much better name)...Kris Benson is drawing interest from teams...Brandon Inge is pretty much a lock to get dealt...Toronto is looking to trade Alex Rios for pitching and are in talks with the Giants for Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum (I wish the Mets had some pitching to give up, I would love Alex Rios)...Baltimore is unlikely to trade Bedard within the division, so the Mets might not have to worry about competing with the Blue Jays for his of my friends (thanks Barri) heard the Yankees were not only out of the Santana sweepstakes but out of the Danny Haren sweepstakes too, after hearing what Billy Beane wanted (both Hughes and Kennedy)--I've got no source for that rumor other than my friend, but I would believe it with how obnoxious Billy Beane is in trade discussions...

See you tomorrow...

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Christopher said...

Just on a side note to follow up on Mr Ben's post, David Wells wants to be a met... God help us if that happens. The teams BMI (body mass index) would triple!! Omar was jipped and was told that Willis was not available... aka the marlins know they will finish last this year, they just don't wanna make it worse. And currently it looks like the mets wont make a deal until the hype over the Santana trade ends, or until winder meetings end. I would post individual links but I'm lazy so i present you with this; good day Mr Ben.


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