Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekend update

So the weekend has passed us by, and as many of us are gearing up for finals and heading home for the holidays, the Mets are trying to put something together to give us all a pretty awesome Christmas present. The Mets and the Twins are still in talks to bring Johan Santana to the Mets, but the Mets are balking at giving up too much "major-league ready talent" like an Oliver Perez or a John Maine. If they don't give up one of those two, it's pretty much a certainty that Fernando Martinez or Carlos Gomez are going to have to be included in the deal. The Twins are supposedly pretty high on Gomez but it will still take more than Gomez to get a deal done, that's for sure. Santana is probably going to cost either one of Gomez and Martinez, two of the big three pitching prospects (Pelfrey, Mulvey, Humber), and then one last piece, which could be any of a number of things.

All right, time to head out for dinner. I will elaborate more either later tonight or tomorrow evening, and I'll bring everyone up to speed on other signings and trades of note from the past few days. Good luck with finals and have a safe trip home.

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